Monday, April 30, 2012

  Hello Glimmies!
I have a nail polish collection post for you all!!
To your right is all My nail polish I've collected Throughout the years!! I'll start row by row.

   First row (L-R):
A collection ftom Prisma Nail Color brand.
I dont like these very much. They have no names either.):

   Second Row:
Sinful Colors - Timbleberry
Sally Hansen - Sonic Bloom
Love & Beauty - Firetruck Red                    Seventh Row:
Pixystix scented - Red- Orange               Wet 'N' Wild - Rain Check
Rimmel - Tangerine Queen                       Love & Beauty - Lavender
Pixystix Scented - Yellow                        Pixystix scented - Grape
Just Shine - (no name) Neon Yellow        Sally Hansen- Lacy Lilac
                                                               Wet 'N wild - FuschiaRama 
   Third Row:                                            Glo Baby Glo - UV Reactive Polish
Sinful Colors - Cream Pink                    
N.Y.C - Classic Coral                                  Eigth Row:
Sally Hansen - Fuschia Power                  Sinful Colors - Easy Going
Goldie - (No Name) Rose Pink                Goldie - (No Name) Light Nude
George. - Blush                                        Revlon - Sand Stone
Petites - Rock 'n' Roll                              
Sinful Colors - Island Coral                          Ninth Row:
Just Shine - (No name) Neon Pink            Fantasy Makers- Glitter    
Star Gazer - Glass                                     N.Y.C- Starry Silver
Bambi -(No Name)  Baby Pink                 Wet 'N' Wild- Metallic
 Revlon - Sweet Tart                                   Love & Beauty- Charcoal
Wet 'N' Wild - Dreamy Poppy                                    
                                                                          Eleventh Row:
                                                            Kiss Nail Art Set - Black, White and Silver
                                                              Sinful Nail Art - Worn Before                     
                                                                         Twelfth/ Last Row:                                
                                                                   Sinful Colors - Snow
                                                                   Sally Hansen Crackle - Splatter Ink
 Fifth Row:
N.Y.C- Luxury Lime
Rimmel - Green Grass
Just Shine- (no name) Neon Green

     Sixth Row:
The First three are the same types
L.A. Color Craze- (All three Have No Name)
Sinful Colors - Savage
Sinful Colors- Mint Apple
Sinful Colors - Rise and shine
Star Gazer - (No Name) Blue chunky glitter
Pixystix scented - Maui Punch

And Thats my collection!
Hope you Enjoyed!!!!
Oh and comment for a Nail Polish Storage!


Friday, April 27, 2012

 Heyy Glimmies!

OMG! I heard Justin Bieber's new song 'Boyfriend' a couple weeks back.
I thought it was okay. I mean I'm not obsessed with 'The Biebs', but I LOVE this song.
I'm listening to it now<333
I'm still not a crazy fan of his, but of this song.
Alot of people kinda 'Hate' on him... I don't get the problem.
The lyrics are kinda dumb, but I think he did a pretty darn good song!
I also have been loving 'what makes you beautiful' by one direction.
The lyrics are sooo sweet!!
Okay them, I might be a little obsessed... (:

Click to Hear Boyfriend
Or here to see one direction's music video

Do you like either of these songs?

- Megan

P.S. It's so hard typing with False Nails that are too big on your nails.... :/

Thursday, April 26, 2012

    Hola Glimmies!
I Have a Review for you all!!
So I paid a visit to my local drugstore last week,
and picked up:
Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation!

I really like it!
Before, I used Revlon Photoready and i loved it,
but I think I like this  better!!
It spreads really easily and has full coverage.
The application of the foam was a little different from what I'm used to,
but I am happy with my purchase!

The foams consistency takes a little will to get used to(:
My shade is Classic Ivory!

Thats It hope you enjoyed!

Have you Tried this Foundation?


Sunday, April 22, 2012

   Hey Glimmies!
Happy Earth Day!
Today I can't do much because it's raining.
like alot.
So I'll just have a chill day!

what are YOU doing for Earth Day!?

- Megan

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heyy Glimmiees,
Today is for lounge wear <333

 The Campus Pant is a cute (And Comfy!) addition to one's Collection!
For My UK Readers, I choose Similar ones from hollister!

This oversized tee is a cute and casual graphic. I prefer a basic white tee, overall.

Pair with your Usual sneakers and your GOOD TO GO! (Mine are sparkley vans <33)        

Hope you Liked this post!!
- Megann!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hellooo Glimmies,
I am once again  in a Bloggy mood,
if this describes my two-posts in one dayy(:
I am going to answer one of the most asked questions in Beauty history.

Eyeshadows: Cream, Pressed, or Loose Powder?

I really like Cream. I Love the Finish, Mostly(:
But, if you know you might get a little sweaty don't even BOTHER With it!
Or if you have Oily Eyelids.
It will Slip 'n' Slide and make a mess on your face.
Two of my favored are : Smashbox Limitless 15hr.Wear cream Shadow in Rich Gold (Top)
and Maybelline Color Tatoo in Tough as Taupe (Right)

This is probably my Favorite. It's the most Common, and Easiest.
Works on practically Everyone and is easy to find.
My Favorites?
Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow in Peach Dream (It is part of Palette no longer avaible).
Rimmel London Trio in Orion. (Third down)

Finally, Loose Eyeshadow. I feel that this type gets put down alot.
I mean, sometimes this type is a pain,
But I don't have a problem with loose powder shadow.
I only have one actually, but I'm gonna get more for sure!!
My one:
L'oreal On The Loose Eyeshadow in Mesmorized (Bottom)

You can find These products at:
Smashbox: Sephora
Maybelline: Drugstores
Rimmel: Ulta
L'oreal: Ebay

Thanks For Reading!!!!

Whats your Favorite?

- Megann

 Hello Glimmies!,
Wahoo First Follower!(:
I know i'm not a pro at this, but what a good start!!
It's been a great day,
I come home after winning first Place in my last cheer competition of the season,
to find that I have a Follower <33
I'm gonna make a deal to get 10 Follows by the end of this month,
I will make a video of my makeup collection! <333
Good Compromise?
THANK YOU! to my follower!

- Megan(:

P.S. check out her blog called : and this little piggy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

        Hellooooo Glimmies!
Two Posts in one hour <3333
OK, sooo, I want to try to express my
For OPI's :
New York City Ballet Collection!
Check it out:
The Shades?
left - right
You Callin' me a Lyre?
Barre My Soul
Don't Touch My Tutu
Care To Danse?
My Pointe Exactly
Pirouette My Whistle

The names are cute, too(;

     Hello Glimmies<3

I feel as if I never fully introduced Myself,
Today I have a more personal blog for you...
The story of, well, ME!

   Okay. Well, I am a thirteen year old living the Dream in America(:
I can't go into specifics about my location but I live in the South-East. Here we have nice weather, Grreat beaches, and delicious HOME flavored meals. I have an older half-brother whos having a nice time finishing college. I see him about every two months. Other than that I am an only child with one dog, and one cat. I live in a Huge house that I am soooo greatful for(: I truley am.

    More about me....?
I LOVE bargains. I don't get handouts from my parents, I work for my money.
I Havent done any fun  hauls yet because I am Saving upp!
I love just singing my Heart Out (I'm a terrible singer) in the car with the radio on and the windows down.
I like adding extra letters to a word like thisss. (:
I get good grades, in what my school calls advance classes.
My Friends are my life.
Since i'm an only child I hate being alone, so i always bother my friends to come over my house(;
I do competitive cheerleading which I dedicate 6 + Hours to a week.
I love it, though.
I feel like the most powerful person on earth when I go through that routine.
I adore Kids and Animals(:

Thats really it.
If you have anymore questions, feel free to COMMENT, or EMAIL me at:                    
                                                                                                                       MEE! lol.

Thanks. Hope you liked my story(:

- Megannnnn

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I am gonna share my FIT TIPS with you today!
FIT TIPS are just my fitness tips/ what I do to stay fit...

- Make the most of healthy eating. Create your own salad, for example! In mine I have the following,
Craisins, Any lettuce that I find in my fridge, Apples, Grapes, and Cucumber(:

- Do one intense workout a week, Then your normal workout routine any other day. I do the Insanity workout by: Shaun T. as my intense workout.
I only do this once in a while, though. My normal workout is this.

- BE INSPIRED! Buy something that helps you get your butt into the gym! (Like These Cute Waterbottles!)

What are your FIT TIPS?

Disclaimer: I am not a professional nutritionist, I researched everything but sorry if something is wrong.

P.S. I want to give credit to this video, it taught me alot and recommends the workout!

P.S.S. I actually do competitive cheerleading on top of this,^ like the person in that video^... Weeirdd.

- Megan

    Hello Beautiful Readers!!

This dress is from, it is a staple in any closet. Lace is so in right now(:
This necklace, from here, is sooo cute. Its from forever 21 and adds a cute sparkle to the dress.
These shoesies are from! Flats go very well with this dress(:

Accessorize some more with favored gold rings from your own collection.
Then Add a cute messy bun like this one, and your good to go!

- Megan