Saturday, February 4, 2012

HI viewers!
Todays topic is... A BEAUTY REVIEW!!!!!
I recently Invested in the : Benefit Tan about Town set,
 And let me tell you...  I LOVE IT! 
I purchased this from sephora for $10! 

The set includes sample sizes of...

Some kinda gorgeous (foundation faker) : I looooove this procuct!
When I am running out of time in the morning,
I apply this on my cheeks and nose.
Then viola! It looks like all my freckles are gone! For greasy skin its Perfect,Leaving your skin flawless on top of covering up shiny spots! Great consistency too!

I really liked the consistency because my brush picked up alot of the product! The shade included was a little dark for me): 
I still loved it!

Bad Gal Lash (Mascara): LOVE! Amazing brush! Instantly adds volume, color, and length. Im going to buy the full size because its amazing! 

So thats what I personally thought! Let me know if you liked it tooo! 
Its $12 at

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