Saturday, March 31, 2012

 Hello Glimmies,
I'm DYING to try these products and want YOUR opinions!
for example, if or not I should buy or what color/shade...
here are the products IM itching to get in my grasp!
- Maybelline color tatoo eyeshadow in : Bad to the Bronze, Bold Gold, or tough a taupe.
- Mac Tendertone Lip color in : any(:
- Finally, Maybelline Dream bouncy blush in : Fresh Pink, Coffee cake, or Peach Satin.



Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey again,
I am in a really Bloggy (<- is that right???)  mood
So I am going to share my face routine for you all!

First, I use Revlon Photoready foundation (in shell)

I apply it by dotting a small amount then using

My Sonia Kashuk Stippling brush to blend into my skin.

The Next step is using concealer,

For this, I use Clinique's all about eyes concealer.

I don't like this very much, but i am trying to use it all up.

Finally, I use Rimmel Stay Matte powder on shiny spots(:

Thats it! If you want a review on any of the products listed

Then Comment Below(;

- Megann

Saving change?

I woke up this morning with an idea...
This idea has to do with saving some MONEYY!
Okay so every week you clean out your change.
Ask your family members and such for random change.
Then at intervals of two weeks,
You take the coins into a machine.
These are avaible at most grocery stores.
(I use one at publix)
So far, in two weeks, I have $15.89!
Pick something you want to spend it on then...
I hope you liked this idea,
and COMMENT if you are gonna do this<3

- Megan

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Helloooo there(:
I wanna hear YOUR thoughts.
making an account is easy
I'll Love you forever...
I will write posts on your opinion!
Also, Please share the word of this blog...
I know I'm not the best blogger,
but idk what YOU like to hear!
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Today, i got myself a pair of
sequined vans in  black!!!!
I have been wanting them 
FOR to the EVER!
They are so easy to wear

do you have sparkley vans???


Friday, March 23, 2012

OOTD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
The top is what I was trying for...
This shirt from HERE and is $33!

These Lace shorts from guess are amazing
I would get them in white, but It didn't show up(:
They are 69$ but super cute!

These feminine-with-a-twist sandals
are from urban outfitters

These cute bracelets are the perfect small accessory!
also, pair with studs from, well, anywhere.

Bandeaus are IN for sprINg!
See what I did there?
This lace one was $9.99
from Tillys
(Again I would get it in black, I just wanted it to be visible)

Any Ideas on this outfit? comment!
- Megan

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I missed last weeks song Sunday:/
But here is my favorite song lately!
Hope you like as much as I do!
Starships By: Nicki Minaj
(It swears a little bit, sorry)
This is a song MADE for the beach!

what songs have you been liking lately???
- Megan <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sorry I've been gone for a while...
anyways, im back and with some tips
I've come up with recently...

-The first tip is about school, Keep a notebook ( like these Recycled ones) and a folder (Like these)
and you will be super organized!

- To keep your room clean try picking up five things then reading a page of your favorite magazine, or listening to a song on your ipod.

These are just a few tips for you guys once again enjoy

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I thought it would be cool to
make an outfit under seventy five dollars,
and entirley from Forever 21!
The 'Promises, Promises tank' gives a cute graphic look! Only $14.80

I adore this 'Mineral Wash Denim Shirt'! This would be buttoned down a little of course(: $24.80

These 'Life in progress Frayed Denim Shorts' are a nice way to say...
Hello Spring(: They match the Promises shirt but let the denim shirt shine<3

Simple shoes add soooo Much to this outfit...
'Coiled Thong Sandals' work very nicely and for only $7.50
are a great price too

Maybe add some bracelets to this outfit for the full edgy affect... the total is...  $64.90! Hope you liked!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

well, I wanted to tell you guys,
that I saw 'Puss in Boots'
The Movie today(:
especially for anyone with a cat(:
I wanna  know whats your favorite

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey Viewers!
I just wanted to check in and say...

- Megan