Sunday, March 4, 2012

I thought it would be cool to
make an outfit under seventy five dollars,
and entirley from Forever 21!
The 'Promises, Promises tank' gives a cute graphic look! Only $14.80

I adore this 'Mineral Wash Denim Shirt'! This would be buttoned down a little of course(: $24.80

These 'Life in progress Frayed Denim Shorts' are a nice way to say...
Hello Spring(: They match the Promises shirt but let the denim shirt shine<3

Simple shoes add soooo Much to this outfit...
'Coiled Thong Sandals' work very nicely and for only $7.50
are a great price too

Maybe add some bracelets to this outfit for the full edgy affect... the total is...  $64.90! Hope you liked!

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