Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hey there Glimmies!
So this post is just some of the things that happened this week (:
Soon My haul will be posted!
Enjoyy this for now!

My friend recently got her third earpiercing , I am OBSESSED!
I want it so bad, but unfortunately I have cheerleading all year round and we're not allowed to keep in earrings ):

I love this! I wish I had this cute saying on MY wall!!!!

I absolutely ADORE these shorts...
(They're From newlook, a store in england)

LOOK WHAT I MADE!!! A creative turn on spaghetti! Yummy , too!

Thats all, Folks!
If you want  more posts like these please comment for them!!
What have YOU been loving this week?

- Megan

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