Monday, April 9, 2012

     Hello Glimmies<3

I feel as if I never fully introduced Myself,
Today I have a more personal blog for you...
The story of, well, ME!

   Okay. Well, I am a thirteen year old living the Dream in America(:
I can't go into specifics about my location but I live in the South-East. Here we have nice weather, Grreat beaches, and delicious HOME flavored meals. I have an older half-brother whos having a nice time finishing college. I see him about every two months. Other than that I am an only child with one dog, and one cat. I live in a Huge house that I am soooo greatful for(: I truley am.

    More about me....?
I LOVE bargains. I don't get handouts from my parents, I work for my money.
I Havent done any fun  hauls yet because I am Saving upp!
I love just singing my Heart Out (I'm a terrible singer) in the car with the radio on and the windows down.
I like adding extra letters to a word like thisss. (:
I get good grades, in what my school calls advance classes.
My Friends are my life.
Since i'm an only child I hate being alone, so i always bother my friends to come over my house(;
I do competitive cheerleading which I dedicate 6 + Hours to a week.
I love it, though.
I feel like the most powerful person on earth when I go through that routine.
I adore Kids and Animals(:

Thats really it.
If you have anymore questions, feel free to COMMENT, or EMAIL me at:                    
                                                                                                                       MEE! lol.

Thanks. Hope you liked my story(:

- Megannnnn

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