Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hellooo Glimmies,
I am once again  in a Bloggy mood,
if this describes my two-posts in one dayy(:
I am going to answer one of the most asked questions in Beauty history.

Eyeshadows: Cream, Pressed, or Loose Powder?

I really like Cream. I Love the Finish, Mostly(:
But, if you know you might get a little sweaty don't even BOTHER With it!
Or if you have Oily Eyelids.
It will Slip 'n' Slide and make a mess on your face.
Two of my favored are : Smashbox Limitless 15hr.Wear cream Shadow in Rich Gold (Top)
and Maybelline Color Tatoo in Tough as Taupe (Right)

This is probably my Favorite. It's the most Common, and Easiest.
Works on practically Everyone and is easy to find.
My Favorites?
Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow in Peach Dream (It is part of Palette no longer avaible).
Rimmel London Trio in Orion. (Third down)

Finally, Loose Eyeshadow. I feel that this type gets put down alot.
I mean, sometimes this type is a pain,
But I don't have a problem with loose powder shadow.
I only have one actually, but I'm gonna get more for sure!!
My one:
L'oreal On The Loose Eyeshadow in Mesmorized (Bottom)

You can find These products at:
Smashbox: Sephora
Maybelline: Drugstores
Rimmel: Ulta
L'oreal: Ebay

Thanks For Reading!!!!

Whats your Favorite?

- Megann

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